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Mr. Monson Mavunkal, one of the world’s renowned cosmetic therapists with outstanding calibre and in-depth knowledge of the subject, had his efficient training from Singapore and a cosmetic related institute in Germany.

His versatility and inquisitive nature in the field of cosmetology  made him analyse the truth in this field, which led to dynamism to explore virgin products in his field and this forged him into diamonds and precious stones for exclusive cosmetic products for exclusive people.

This showcased him as a magnanimous businessman, thereby giving himself a chance to enter into the wide arena of diamond business, with the renowned auction house Christie’s.

Having delved and reaped immense success in this field for 32 years his hidden instincts were revealed and made him quench his thirst by indulging in the accumulation of extra-ordinary, treasured, inestimable idolized unique artefacts.