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Author                   :    Muhail – Dinhar

Medium                :    Ink opaque water colour & gold on paper binding leather in scroll

Dates                     :    Mid-16th century

Dimensions         :     Length 150ft  Breadth 1ft  Weight 1232g

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Museum Location           :    Monson Edition

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Description for the rules and regulations for those performing the Hajj to Mecca and other places sacred to the Muslim faith. It has numerous mosques which depict the importance of these mosques and the impetus to allow them to have a journey of prayers, offerings and rituals to be observed, so that this can be achieved during their lifetime. Includes a painting of the Kaaba,  the monument at Mecca to which all Muslims pray. The minarets are also depicted. This The Holy Quran without doubt is THE PIECE, one of the wonders of human calligraphy.