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Medium              :   Finest Parchment

Dates    :   2nd century BC to 5th century AD

Dimensions        :   Length 18ft   Breadth 1ft Weight 1.64kg

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Museum Location           :   Monson Edition

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The scrolls of Abraham are part of the religious scriptures of Islam.  These scriptures, believed to have contained the revelations Abraham received from God, were written down by him as well as his scribes and followers.

In two surah ( the first Meccan period) there is a reference to leaves, scrolls.  The passages say that the truth of God’s message is present in the earliest revelations of Abraham and Moses.  This scroll refers to the Testament of Abraham, which was available at the time of Muhammad.  The Holy Quran in script developed from the Aramaic during the 2nd century BC, the Imperial Aramaic Script heavily influenced by Arabia during the 5th century AD. The Arabic script developed from Nabataean, the golden border with geometric patterns clearly with scriptures o Abraham and Moses.

The The Holy Quran contains numerous references to Abraham, his life, prayers and traditions.  God directly instructed Muhammad in surah A1 – Kalif (18:22) not to consult Jews.  However Muslim theology already accepts Jewish sources such as Torah – as revealed to Moses, Psalms as revealed to David though asserting The Holy Quranic precedence. The medium used is fine parchment, obtained by rubbing pumice powder into it. Powders and pastes of calcium compounds were used to remove  grease so the ink would not run. To make the parchment smooth and white, thin pastes of lime, flour, egg whites and milk rubbed into the skins.  There is a question through the centuries – many earlier parchment manuscripts were scrubbed and scoured to be read for rewriting and this recycled parchments are called palimpsests.  This is a true mystery and one will be bewildered to take a glimpse of it or get a chance to take hold of it.