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Medium               :   Parchment scroll

Dates     :

Dimensions         :   Length 56inches Breadth 5inches Weight 102g

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Museum Location            :   Monson Edition

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Scrolls continued in use longer in the Islamic world, elaborately decorated in calligraphic writing that included use of gold embossing and pigments when used for the writing of The Holy Quran.  The Holy Quran mentions two ancient scrolls – those of Abraham, and Moses; among the books considered to be revealed the four mentioned in The Holy Quran are Tamra revealed to Moses, Zabuo revealed to David, Injil – revealed to Jesus, and The Holy Quran revealed to Muhammad.  Parchment scrolls were used by early civilizations and most commonly in the Ottoman period, scroll is divided into pages, glued together at the edges, or may be marked divisions of a continuous roll of writing material, mainly only of soft sheet.  This reveals the different names of Allah depicted on the page with golden borders and on parchment with opaque ink.